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Productions such as Game of Thrones or Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince are very well known. And if the locations featured impressed you, you should consider filming in Ireland. Get access to the most astounding landscapes and enjoy shooting from day one. Team up with us and put aside any worries related to film permits or gear rental. We have a wide network of collaborators, spread all across the island. Moreover, we are affiliated to Storytailors, a one-stop-shop for service production around the world.

Similarly, our experience and know-how prove to be a real blessing for foreign filmmakers. For top-notch support, rely on us to be your production fixer in Ireland. Contact us to know more! 

Top-Notch Production Assistance & Access For Filming In Ireland

Lively towns, Viking trails, serene village landscapes, all these can become your set. Filming in Ireland can be about land or water, as you deem appropriate. Open your lens wider and capture the Emerald Isle’s true essence. And, of course, rely on us for extensive production assistance. We ensure our services are fully customized according to your needs and budget. A wide array of resources becomes available and accessible when you work with us.

Our Irish location scout is the ace up our sleeve when it comes to finding the ideal setting for production. And our collaborators across the country provide all you may need for filming. Dare to ask for more and let us help develop your vision into an eye-catching production. Use top-notch equipment or hire the best crew to assist you with bureaucracy or shooting. Filming in Ireland should find you cheering, not worrying about paperwork too. 

Fixer Ireland is part of an international network of video production professionals. We strive to provide foreign filmmakers and journalists the ultimate local supplies. Our production assistance covers services tailored for both large or small scale productions. For filming in Ireland, drop us a message and let us give you a sample of what we can do!

Ireland film permits

Getting Film Permits In Ireland

Stunning castles, lush green countryside, fields of barley, or urban landscapes, you pick. Filming in Ireland offers you all these options and more. A large pool of video production specialists is within reach here as well. You can easily find standard or specialized gear for your shooting sessions. Better yet, partner up with Fixer Ireland and we can get all these details set for you. Allow us to handle the formalities, so everything is ready for filming according to your plan.

With the help of our location scout, you should identify the most suitable places to shoot. After that, our crew will give you a hand to make sure you do not miss anything on the formalities list. The good news is that filming in Ireland will not involve endless trips to the authorities. Welcoming to foreign filmmakers, this country has straightforward requirements for film permits.

Most public locations are permit-free for cinematographic productions. To shoot a commercial video in restricted areas, a permit is necessary. To ensure no delays affect your shooting schedule, contact us ahead of time for more details. Drop us a message today to know more about film permits for specific locations.

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Tax Rebate & Cash Incentives For Filming In Ireland

When you are filming in Ireland, one aspect that can lift your spirits more than a bit of luck is the tax rebate. Ireland’s Department of Culture and the Revenue Commissioners have a dedicated program. Foreign producers may not qualify on their own, but co-productions can be eligible. Feature films, animations, TV series, or documentaries can receive a tax credit of up to 32%. This applies only to the eligible expenditure done while filming in Ireland.

The costs should derive from hiring local crew and the purchase of Irish goods or services. The eligible costs should be above €125,000 to qualify for the rebate. The authority in charge is the Minister for Culture, Heritage, and the Gaeltacht. So, 21 days before the start of your filming activities, it is application time. You receive a certificate, as a formality for the scheme. It states your project as a ‘qualifying film’, according to Section 481.

If you become interested in filming in Ireland, consider partnering up with us. Foreign filmmakers should collaborate with an Irish production company. Additionally, if you need service production in the UK, we can assist you with navigating the procedures and permits necessary for a smooth production experience in this neighboring region. We can also assist you with the application for the tax credit. Our experience as a production fixer recommends us as your top choice. Contact us for more details!

Filming in Ireland